Need for refurbishment

In its current condition, 1 Golden Lane does not live up to its full potential. It is a prominent building and is well-known to the local community, but has a number of significant failings that threaten the longevity and future success of the building.


The building’s sustainability credentials are inadequate in the context of the climate emergency we face.

1 Golden Lane’s last refurbishment was 30 years ago and since then the fabric of the building has been deteriorating. The windows and façade are dated which significantly effects the thermal performance of the building, meaning more energy is needed to heat and
cool it.


In its current state, 1 Golden Lane is not an accessible building that is suitable for all users. The main entrance for the building is located on Golden Lane, where steps are the only way to access the building. Those who are disabled or have mobility issues need to use a side entrance, which we do not think is acceptable.

Public Realm

The public realm around the building is well-used by the local community, but is in need of a refresh.


Through our initial conversations with the local community there was a recognition that the walkways around 1 Golden Lane were well-used but are uninspiring and need to be reinvigorated. We believe there is an opportunity to create a building and public realm that positively contributes to the local area, with enhanced greening and a more enjoyable experience for all users.

Healthy, contemporary workspaces

1 Golden Lane does not provide the quality of space that modern occupiers expect to see when making long-term decisions about where to locate.

Perhaps the biggest constraint faced by 1 Golden Lane is the poor condition of the office space it provides.
With increased competition from high-quality office stock within the City of London and the rise of working from home, there is the possibility that without intervention,
1 Golden Lane remains vacant and the building falls into disrepair.